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Physical Therapy: Benefits, Techniques, and Who Can Benefit?

Physical Therapy: Benefits, Techniques, and Who Can Benefit?

Physical therapy, sometimes referred to as physiotherapy, is a dynamic profession that involves understanding the depth and breadth of human movement. Whether you’re nursing a persistent backache or recovering from a surgery, physical therapy could be your path to pain-free living. But what exactly is it? What benefits can you expect? And how can CloudClinic help you connect with the best physical therapist for your needs?

What is Physical Therapy?

Dr. James Andrews, an orthopedic surgeon who has treated numerous high-profile athletes, defines physical therapy as a healthcare profession that helps restore, maintain, or improve the physical ability and fitness level of individuals.

This means your physical therapist is like your personal fitness trainer who can guide you through various exercises and lifestyle changes to recover from an injury or surgery, or manage chronic conditions like arthritis or heart disease. Interestingly, even the healthiest individuals can benefit from physiotherapy as it helps prevent potential injuries and promotes overall wellness.

Benefits of Physical Therapy
  1. Pain Management

According to Dr. Karena Wu, physical therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises can help mobilize your joints and soft tissue, which can significantly alleviate pain or even eliminate it.

  1. Surgery Avoidance

Physical therapy could eliminate the need for surgery if it helps you overcome pain or recover from an injury. If surgery is required, pre-surgery physical therapy is beneficial. In many cases, people recover faster if they go into surgery stronger and in better shape.

  1. Improved Mobility

Struggling with standing, walking, or moving around regardless of your age? Physical therapy as Dr. Fritz, professor at the University of Utah explains can help improve mobility through targeted strengthening and flexibility exercises. 

  1. Stroke Recovery

It’s common to lose some degree of function and movement after a stroke. Physical therapy strengthens weakened parts of the body and improves balance.

Techniques Used in Physical Therapy

Physical therapists deploy a variety of techniques based on the patient’s condition and needs. Some of these, as outlined by Dr. Greg Haff, a Professor of Strength and Conditioning at Edith Cowan University, include:

  1. Manual Therapy: Involving hands-on techniques to increase movement, reduce pain, and promote blood circulation.
  2. Therapeutic Exercises: Aimed at restoring and maintaining strength, endurance, flexibility, stability, and balance.
  3. Education and Training: Patients learn about their conditions so they can self-manage them. Also, they learn how to use assistive devices like wheelchairs, orthotics, or prosthetics.
  4. Functional Training: This covers training in daily living activities, including work, home, or school activities.

Who Can Benefit from Physical Therapy?

Everyone! However, it can be particularly beneficial for those with:

  • Chronic health conditions such as arthritis, or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Sports-related injuries or concussions.
  • Conditions requiring rehabilitation like stroke or spinal cord injuries.
  • Surgical recoveries, including hip replacements or heart surgeries.
Shot of a physiotherapist working with a patient in a rehabilitation center
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