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At Cloud Clinic Limited, we empower our partners by connecting them with a vast network of health-conscious individuals actively seeking their services. Through targeted referrals and promotions, we enhance your brand visibility, build trust, and drive meaningful growth for your business.


CloudClinic partners with licensed healthcare stakeholders to enable seamless delivery of healthcare to her patients.

Medical Labs

Medical Labs Associated with CloudClinic

As a partner, your business can leverage on our huge brand promotion and advertisement across our media partners to improve visibility and increase revenue. A partnership with us also improves the trust of healthcare users in your Laboratory, as well as increase your customer retention and makes us both mutual support system. Click here to become a partner today.

Reference Hospitals

Our Reference Hospitals

Every hospital that partners with us signs up to a planned outreach and communication levied out to appeal to healthcare consumers. With technology, we lead our users through their healthcare needs which in turn provides business for our partners. Becoming our partner ensures customer acuqisition, rentention and engagement. Click here to become a partner today.

Pharmacy Partnership

Pharmacies Associated with CloudClinic

When you partner with CloudClinic, your business benefits from enhanced visibility and automatic trust from our users. As a trusted CloudClinic partner, your pharmacy not only taps into new markets but also stipulates demand for products, ultimately driving significant revenue growth.

Gym & Spa

Gym & Spas in Partnership with CloudClinic

Elevate your wellness offerings and reach a wider audience with CloudClinic. By joining our network, your gym or spa gains access to a vast community of health-conscious individuals actively seeking wellness solutions. This increased visibility translates to higher foot traffic, greater brand awareness, and a boost in revenue.

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