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5 ways CloudClinic is transforming healthcare

5 ways CloudClinic is transforming healthcare

CloudClinic is a medical platform that connects different players in the health industry by providing a solution that works for doctors, patients, and health facilities alike. Most importantly, CloudClinic allows users to book virtual medical appointments and experience virtual consultation with medical professionals from the comfort of their homes or office using their mobile devices.

How does CloudClinic achieve this? By using Technology to drive Telemedicine.

What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare service by means of electronic information and telecommunications technology.

The world is evolving, the internet is changing things, and technology is revolutionizing life on earth. The reverberation of cyberspace is made evident in all aspects of our daily lives.

Let us bring it down to health. With technology, you can stay in your home and access healthcare services. With technology, you can discover the nearest outlet to conduct your screening tests. With technology, you can have your medications delivered to your office. With technology, you can monitor your health parameters at home. With technology, you can have access to specialists that you do not have close to you in your physical environment.

Telemedicine is rapidly transforming patient care and the face of healthcare generally. All aspects of healthcare service delivery have been positively influenced by technology.

Technology in this context includes the use of computers and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones which can be used from anywhere (homes, offices, moving vehicles, planes, trains, ships, markets, shopping malls and in traffic).

With Telemedicine, doctors and patients can communicate using these devices enabling real-time healthcare service delivery. There is ample room for long-distance patient care irrespective of location.

What are the ways CloudClinic is transforming healthcare using Telemedicine?

The CloudClinic platform has repositioned healthcare service delivery from the following perspectives:

1.    Round-the-clock consultation: CloudClinic telemedicine platform has enabled 24hours healthcare services. You do not need to wait for hospital hours to consult with a doctor or visit the Emergency Room for health issues that may arise outside working hours. All you have to do is download the app, login and schedule an immediate consultation with your doctor. What this achieves for you is that you can access healthcare when you actually need it, at any time of your choosing.

2.   On-the-spur access to specialist services: with the shortage of doctors nationwide, it becomes increasingly difficult to see a doctor, even more neck-breaking to see a specialist for specialist services. You will have to wait for consultation on a particular day of the month when the specialist consults at that hospital. CloudClinic’s telemedicine platform intervenes in this waiting ritual with direct, easy access to any specialist of your need by just a click of the scheduling button on the CloudClinic app.

3.   Breakage of the Long waiting hours barrier: CloudClinic has made a lot of health seekers heave a sigh of relief with the convenient service it offers. It is not convenient for a busy office manager to wait for hours unending in the patient queue to gain access to a doctor’s consulting room. CloudClinic has brought the consulting room to the patient’s computer or mobile device bypassing the long waiting hours and delivering convenient healthcare to its users.

4.   Easier Patient Monitoring: There is a continuous concern and worry that telemedicine restricts the doctor’s monitoring of the patient. However, it might be interesting to know that the reality is slightly different. In fact, new technological advances like the CloudClinic smart devices have made it easy to properly monitor patient data remotely. This kind of remote monitoring makes it easier for the doctor to properly assess and review the patient and then give treatment recommendations.

5.    Improved health outcome: When you are able to easily and conveniently access healthcare, preventive medicine is brought to the forefront. Early detection of illness and prompt treatment becomes the order of the day because people are now able to easily access the services of a doctor from anywhere and at any time. The ripple effect is that health outcome is improved, and the general health of the population takes a leap to the positive. 


CloudClinic’s Telemedicine platform is a healthcare service delivery innovation that has helped to transform the way people access doctors and seek medical attention. Alongside traditional healthcare service delivery methodology and routines, it can provide significant benefits to the patient and the doctor alike.

Using this innovative approach and platform, patients can consult with a doctor faster, at any time, and from anywhere. They get real-time medical assistance from their healthcare professionals, allowing them to make an informed and early decision on treatment options. Besides the mammoth convenience of this platform, it equally improves relationships between healthcare professionals.

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