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Our Value proposition


    Gain absolute control over employees' health insurance expenditure.  


    Cut down on absenteeism as employees can access healthcare services conveniently from their mobile devices. 


    Take advantage of the flexibility to create health plans that meet specific needs, selecting the services each plan covers. 


    Boost employees' preventive health management with CloudClinic’s easily accessible medical knowledge center.

Sickness-related absences and reduced productivity pose significant challenges in today’s corporate world. This holds true even when Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are in place. In fact, these issues account for an equivalent of 3 months of work-time loss for companies each year.   Research by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, reveals thus:

  • Due to illness, each employee loses an average of 15.36 workdays per year, which amounts to a total loss of 6.55% of work time. 

  • On average, each employee misses about 18 workdays per year due to illness. This means that 7.65% of total workdays in a year are lost either because the employee is absent or not working at full capacity due to illness.

With our cutting-edge technology, we are disrupting the healthcare system by offering companies the following solutions.

  • Companies should only pay for health benefits that employees use.

  • Employees need to be encouraged to maintain good health.

  • It is essential to promote a healthy workforce so the company does not waste time

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