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Beyond Wall

Beyond Wall

Elevate Your Hospital Horizon, Reach More Patients, and Boost Revenue with CloudClinic’s Beyond Wall

Extend your hospital's reach with CloudClinic's Beyond Wall feature!

Connect with your patients beyond physical contact, whether in or out of your hospital, offering convenience and expanding your impact..  CloudClinic telemedicine is reshaping the healthcare landscape in Nigeria with a relentless focus on effortless access and convenience to healthcare through technology. 

Beyond Wall is designed to revolutionize the way your hospital engages with patients, transcending the limitations of traditional healthcare. 

Beyond Wall Exclusive Advantages For Hospitals


Your doctors can connect and consult with patients from anywhere anytime beyond the confines of your hospital.

Revenue Surge

Experience a significant boost in your hospital’s income by offering flexible and profitable virtual care plans tailored to individual patient needs from all over Nigeria.


Flexible Scheduling

Simplify scheduling, appointment management, leading to enhanced efficiency and improved patient experiences. 

Nationwide Reach

Extend your hospital’s influence across borders, reaching patients everywhere in Nigeria and positioning your institution on the national healthcare stage. 

Enhanced Reputation

Stand out as a pioneer in innovative healthcare solutions, solidifying your hospital’s reputation for excellence and forward-thinking practices. 


Attract Top Talent

Draw in top-notch healthcare professionals eager to be part of a cutting-edge medical environment that embraces the future of patient care. 

How It Benefits Your Patients

Seamless Scheduling

Effortlessly book online consultations for enhanced convenience.

Medical Knowledge Hub

Empower patients with medical insights for informed decisions.

Remote Consultations

Access healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Health Improvement Challenges

Foster community well-being through engaging in wellness challenges on the My CloudClinic app.

HMOs Are Not Left Out

Tailored Healthcare Plans

HMOs can optimizeoptimize expenditures with cost-effective healthcare plans.


Cost Management

Achieve financial transparency through smart cost management.


Healthcare Networks

Forge reliable connections with healthcare providers through streamlined processes.

Your Partner in Healthcare Innovation

Join us in redefining healthcare in Nigeria. Learn more about how your hospital can leverage the CloudClinic Beyond Wall
to increase patient-base and boost revenue.

Let's show you how it works

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